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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still do not find an answer to your question,
our customer service is here to help.

MySimUSA, how does it work?

As soon as you arrive in the US, switch your UK sim card with the MySimUSA card.

MySimUSA's exclusivity is a sim card including two numbers:

A US mobile number for your contacts within the USA. They will be able to reach you at American local rates.

A UK landline number that you can communicate directly to your contacts in the UK. Or on which you can transfer your calls using the call forwarding option on your phone. You will therefore receive all the calls made to your usual UK number.

Is MySimUSA pack compatible with my UK mobile provider?

There is no commitment when subscribing to MySimUSA, and it is compatible with your regular plan. You just temporarily replace your UK sim card with a MySimUSA card. When you return to the UK, you simply switch back to your usual sim card.

Do I really save compared with my UK mobile provider?

With MySimUSA it is simple, you save on all your calls, whether it is outgoing or incoming, on a mobile or a landline, in America, to the United Kingdom, to Europe or to the rest of the world.

Are all calls really unlimited?

Yes, all your calls are unlimited. Whether your call is outgoing or incoming, on a mobile or a landline, in America, to the United Kingdom, to Europe or to the rest of the world all your calls are unlimited.

What is the difference between MySimUSA and a prepaid card I could buy in the United States?

The MySimUSA service offers cheap rates on both local US and overseas calls all in one. To match our rates in the US would mean purchasing numerous services for local and overseas calls.

The MySimUSA sim card is the only card to offer two phone numbers, enabling your contacts, Americans or French to reach you on a local number at a local rate.

MySimUSA Mobile's customer care is here to assist you before and all along your stay in the United States.

How many numbers can I transfer to my MySimUSA landline number?

As much as you wish! All your calls, mobile, office or home can be forwarded to your MySimUSA landline. Your fellow travelers can also forward their calls to your number. All of their incoming calls will then be forwarded to your mobile phone.

In the United-States can I access my contact list?

If your contacts are saved on the memory of your phone then yes.

If your contacts are saved on your sim card then prior to your departure, copy your contact list to the memory of your phone.

Warning! You might need to erase your phone contacts from your handset when switching back to your usual sim card to avoid having them in double.

In the United-States, how will I send and receive text messages?

Send your text messages as you normally would. For international text messages don't forget the international dialing code. (eg +44 for the UK)

To receive text messages, give your MySimUSA US number to all of your contacts.

Warning! Your UK phone's incoming text messages are not automatically forwarded to your American number. If you wish to check them during your trip, you simply need to switch back to your UK sim card.

Is the MySimUSA sim card compatible with my phone?

Yes, but make sure your phone is:

  • At least tri-band:
    All recent phones are tri or quadri band. To double check; refer to your phone's specifications. If you still have a doubt our customer care will be happy to help.
  • Unlocked:
    Because you need to switch sim cards, unlocking your phone is mandatory. If your phone is locked contact your UK Mobile Phone provider's customer services and explain that you are travelling to the United States and wish to use an American sim card and they should be able to help.

In case of difficulty, contact MySimUSA customer service and we will be happy to help.

Does my Smartphone need any particular set up?

MySimUSA Mobile provides the Over the Air (OTA) capability on the SMART portal for easy configuration. Occasionally some phones need to be manually configured. If this is the case, please follow these step-by-step instructions to program Internet and MMS settings. Instructions

Becareful to set-up your handset in accordance with the correct smartphone reference.

How do I top up my sim card?

All our offers give you access to our services unlimited, so you do not need to recharge your SIM card.
However, if your stay exceeds 30 days, you can recharge and extend the validity of your card. Charging days is also available.

What is the deadline for using my MySimUSA sim card ?

You have access to our services from the chosen date.
That is, if you decide to take a sim card 10 days, it will be valid for 10 days from the date you indicate.
So you can control your sim card usa in advance!

Does MySimUSA Mobile partner network cover all of US territory?

Our Network Partner in the US is Simple Mobile/ T-Mobile.

Although they offer one of the largest coverage in the US there may still be uncovered areas, such as few National Parks.

You may consult the map below:


I'm leaving soon; will I receive my sim card in time?

MySimUSA Mobile process orders on the same working day meaning your order should arrive in less than a week.

For further informations, please contact our customer service.

When will my sim card activated?

You choose your departure date during your online purchase. Your card will be activated on that date.

How can I make international calls?

For landline number :

Just dial 01144 then add the number you are trying to reach without the 0. Therefore if you are trying to call to 0203 326 8888 you should dial 01144 203 326 8888.

If you experience issues dialing directly, and for calling mobile number, just call 559 670 1212.

Wait for a continuous tone and dial your entire international number starting with the country code. For example to call 0203 326 8888 in the UK you would need to dial 559 670 1212 tone 44 203 326 8888.

After dialling the number DO NOT press the send button on your phone.

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us and tell your predicaments to our customer service or chat online
with one of our staff members.


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