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How Does It Work?


Prior to departure

  1. Choose the offer that suites you best and order it from the website.

  2. You will immediately receive an mail confirming your order, a user's manual and your exclusive landline UK number that you can already communicate to all your contacts.

  3. You will receive your MySimUSA card in the post in less than a week.

  4. If you wish to receive all the calls made to your usual UK number, forward your calls to the UK landline number which is connected to your MySimUSA card prior to departure. All your contacts will be able to reach you in the USA at the price of a local UK call.

  5. You will receive your American mobile number the day of your departure. This number will be useful for you contacts, and reservations in the USA.

In the United States

Insert your MySimUSA card in your phone. It replaces your usual sim card while you're in the USA. Turn on your phone and use our unlimited services. To place your international calls, dial or program your phone with our international platform number.

Your American phone number: Is for your local US contacts, they will be able to call you at local US rates. Your UK landline number: Is a 02... number, a UK landline number exclusive to your use. You can either:

  • Forward your calls (prior to departure) to your MySimUSA landline number that is connected to your MySimUSA card. In this case you will continue to receive all calls made to your regular mobile in the United States and all your contacts will be able to reach you at local UK rates.

  • Simply communicate your MySimUSA UK landline number directly to all your contacts; this number is connected to your MySimUSA card. Thus, your contacts in the UK will be able to reach you at local UK rates. You can also change your usual voicemail message indicating your MySimUSA UK number.

Upon your return to the United Kingdom, just replace you're MySimUSA card with your usual one. Nothing has changed except the saving you made!

Still have questions?

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